mardi 9 août 2011

What about crochet?

Keep Knitting

Repérées sur Pinterest ces affiches de Martin Wiscombe.

Impossible de résister!
Vous pouvez les trouver ici.

Beautiful Buttons

Spotted on Pinterest these posters of Martin Winscombe.
Impossible to resist!
you can find them here.

Sew it Yourself

12 commentaires:

  1. What a fantastic website! I want to buy all of them! xxx

  2. Isn't it? The camper vans are great too, I can't wait to receive my parcel!

  3. "Make do and mend" is such a good life motto ! Love your life in high colors, Cécile !

  4. C'est une trouvaille très colorée....Merci pour le partage...Bonne journée...

  5. I bought that knitting poster for a friend who recently opened up her very own dream yarn shop, she's got it on the wall in her shop........agree there should TOTALLY be a crochet poster, maybe we should commission Martin Winscombe!!!

  6. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

  7. I'm pretty sure a crochet one would be a best seller.
    Does your friend opened an online shop Lucy?

  8. Your blog is great. why don't you add the google gadget so I can follow you? that would be great. i am also following you on facebook. sweet lovely blog you have. on flickr i keep a group for gypsies. cheers

  9. Thank you so much Zelle. The flickr gadget is at the bottom of the page.
    Greetings from France!


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